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Curriculum vitae
Charlotte Bon - violinist  

Resume of her career

The Dutch concert violinist Charlotte Bon has managed to secure a unique position in the Netherlands. Using her innovative potentials, she has followed various musical courses throughout her all-round career.
She is the youngest scion of a classical music family. Already at an early age her natural talent for the violin and her passion for music drew the attention of many people, both from inside and outside the established music scene.
After a thorough education she has been invited as a soloist by various famous orchestras and ensembles.
She has travelled all-over Europe as a violin-piano duo.
In the modern-classical music world she made her name in a number of huge theatre productions. She has toured in the Netherlands with her Strauss orchestra Wiener Melange.
Versatility is her trademark.

As a seven-year-old Charlotte received already her first violin lessons.
When she was 21 years old she obtained her soloist certificate at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. She finished her music education under the supervision of Herman Krebbers, who was at that time the concertmaster of the Koninklijk Concertgebouw Orkest.
In Paris she took private lessons with the French violin educationist Joseph Calvet.
She has taken master classes with distinguished violin soloists in France, Italy and Switzerland.

Charlotte Bon plays a very special instrument, viz. a violin built in 1825 by the famous French manufacturer Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume.
This violin builder has achieved a worldwide reputation through his construction of really sublime copies of the instruments that were made in Italy around 1700 by the supreme Antonio Stradivari.
She is also in the possession of the first 5-string midi violin in the world, the Zeta Midi violin. Of this violin only a very few examples exist worldwide.
This violin owes its exclusivity to the fact that it can be connected to a keyboard enabling the reproduction of unique sounds.


Silver Friends Corona
In 1976 she was awarded the Zilveren Vrienden Krans (Silver Friends Corona) of the Foundation of Friends of the Concertgebouw and the Koninklijk Concertgebouw Orkest in Amsterdam. This is an honourable distinction in the Netherlands.

Young people on their way to the concert stage
She held the solo violin in the television programme Jonge mensen op weg naar het concertpodium (Young people on their way to the concert stage) with the Omroeporkest in the violin concerto in G by Haydn.

Violin-piano duo
During more than ten years she has formed a violin-piano duo with various renown piano players, a.o. with the master pianist Ronald Brautigam.

Violin soloist with the Residentie Orkest
Charlotte Bon has performed as the solo violin with the Residentie Orkest in the well-known romantic violin concerto by Max Bruch opus 44.

The Masterplayers
For several years Charlotte Bon has travelled extensively all-over Europe, the Americas and Canada with the internationally renown chamber orchestra The Masterplayers; in this setting she performed a.o. in the concerto for two violins by Vivaldi.

Salon orchestra Fantastique
Charlotte Bon has held the principal violin in her famous salon orchestra Fantastique. The ensemble had performed extensively in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Orchestra Wiener Melange
During two seasons she has presented a sparkling show with her own orchestra Wiener Melange. These productions highlighting popular-classical music could be enjoyed in all major theatres in the Netherlands.

Ensemble Charlotte Bon
In the years 2000 and 2001 Charlotte and her Ensemble Charlotte Bon visited many big theatres in a show for youngsters with the composition Eriks wonderbaarlijke reis (Eric’s miraculous journey), featuring the popular actor and narrator Edwin Rutten.

Textile Art Concerts
In 2002 Charlotte Bon organised a series of concerts in various churches in the Netherlands where a unique connection was forged between renown textile artists, a.o. Leonie Sazias, and the Ensemble Charlotte Bon  in compositions by Cage, Stockhausen, Kreisler, Ravel and Fauré.

Paul Haenen
In 2005 she was the main guest in the jubilee show of the well-known Dutch cabaretier Paul Haenen in Amsterdam.

Charlotte Bon private

Charlotte Bon lives in Hilversum. She has two daughters who are 15 and 26 years old.

She finds great satisfaction in her two hobbies: fashion and the art of painting.

A selection from specific elements forming the personality of Charlotte Bon:
musical – creative – passionate – ambitious – adventurous – sensual – engaging.

Charlotte’s sources of inspiration are her musical family, Herman Krebbers and the world famous violinists David Oistrach, Nathan Milstein and Isaac Stern.

Her favourite ‘classical’ composers are Beethoven, Brahms, Tsjaikowski, Debussy and Ravel. Jazz is also a great passion of hers with Theolonius Monk, Miles Davis, Weather Report, Jaco Pastorius, Candy Dulfer, Michael Bublé and Matt Dusk as some of her favourites.

Charlotte considers Frank Sinatra and Barbara Streisand as her shining examples in the world of the entertainment music.

Charlotte Bon music producer

As a music producer and sound editor Charlotte Bon will launch about ten sound recording media over the next five years.
The source of inspiration for this unique CD production is formed by the highly romantic film music of world standard, like the probing music of Star Wars, Jurrasic Park and Harry Potter.
Completely in this tradition Charlotte Bon allows a surprising revival of the classical symphony orchestra in combination with an innovating 21st century sound.

Charlotte is fully convinced to have found and established a new trend in orchestral music on an international level.
The music is intended for a modern mainstream, but demanding audience.
 It is in all respects easily accessible, sparkling, fascinating and, above all, impassioned.

The music on every CD will be arranged around a special theme, but always with:

the same familiar sound


the same superb quality


the same musical elegance  


always under the same name and trademark:

  Charlotte Bon Music






























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